About Us

The Summer Developmental Program (SDP) at Mississippi State University is an eight-week summer enrichment program designed to enhance the academic skills of students who do not meet all criteria for admission into Mississippi’s eight public universities. Qualified students take course work in one or more deficient subject areas of English, mathematics and reading along with the learning skills laboratory.

Developmental students in class

This program will include classroom instruction, seminars, career-counseling/mentoring and computer-assisted tutorials. Additionally, the student will receive counseling and support necessary to matriculate successfully in the academic and social community of the University. These courses will not count toward graduation. However, upon successful completion of the Summer Developmental Program with a grade of "C" or higher in all course work plus the learning skills lab, the student will be able to enroll as a freshman during the fall semester. Any student who does not meet the exit requirements of the program will be advised of other educational alternatives and will be assisted in pursuing those options.


Who can attend the Summer Developmental Program?

Students who are referred directly by their high school counselors.
Students who are referred by MSU or other university admission counselors, usually based upon the outcome of ACCUPLACER Testing.
Students who choose to attend the Summer Developmental Program as an enhancement program.

How does a student enroll in the Summer Developmental Program?

To be considered a qualified applicant, the student must submit an application for admission to MSU before applying for the Summer Developmental Program.

Complete application process in this order:

  • Submit online application for MSU ADMISSION to MSU.
  • Submit online application for SDP ADMISSION to the Summer Developmental Program.
  • Fax immunization records to the Longest Student Health Center at 662-325-8888 or mail to P.O. Box 6338, Mississippi State, MS 39762-6338.
  • View our POLICIES regarding the Summer Developmental Program.
  • View our BROCHURE for complete details including information regarding textbooks, housing and financial aid.
  • Questions? Find answers at our FAQs, email us at info@sdp.msstate.edu or call us at 662-325-1353.

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Developmental Program. We look forward to helping you succeed at Mississippi State University.